SEND Training sessions


We provide twilight training for whole staff groups or training for groups within school such as Lunchtime Supervisors or Teaching Assistants, NQT's etc.

We can offer training across all year groups and types of setting.

Our training is flexible and can range from an hour to 4 days!

We offer sessions for information and for practical strategy development.

Some of our training areas:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders - Awareness and/or Strategies

  • Pathological Demand avoidance (PDA) Andrea was one of the LA teachers who delivered training on this subject citywide

  • Language and Communication - Awareness of developmental levels, areas of difficulty and strategies to support

  • Tourette Syndrome & Tic Disorders - Awareness and Strategies

  • ADHD - Awareness and Strategies

  • Comic Strip Conversations and Social Scripts - What are they and how do you write them?

  • Visual Support - How to use visual support effectively

  • Treasure boxes - how to develop shared attention, compliance and communication in pupils

  • Challenging Behaviour - and how to manage it

  • Lunch time supervisor de-escalation strategies and personal safety - Very popular course

  • Talk Boost Key Stage 2 - improving skills in communication, attention, speaking and listening and narrative.

  • Primary Talk

  • Supporting pupils with anxiety - parent or school staff course

  • Parent Groups - individual sessions or sets of weekly sessions

  • Sensory Differences - Andrea was a lead on Sensory Differences whilst working with a local authority outreach team

  • Differentiation

  • Classroom Management for NQT's - ideas for behaviour management and differentiation to reduce likelihood of challenging behaviours

  • Attachment

  • Dyslexia

Call or email for a no-obligation discussion of your needs - we aim to provide useful training which is good value for money.

We are often called back to schools to provide additional training as staff find the sessions useful and interesting.

Call Steve on 07946728713 or email

or Andrea on 07947369701 email

Evaluation comments:

"I have really enjoyed today's learning and stayed focused the whole day (which is a miracle). Thank you for the practical activities and sharing experiences." TA re 4 day course

"Great ideas for resources." Teacher in mainstream Junior School re ASD training.

" I have enjoyed the training and feel that I have gained more knowledge, especially about speech and language difficulties. It has opened up new ideas about a particular child I am working with which I will observe with this training in mind." TA

"A very good day - everything was clearly explained and now I will understand why some children do the things they do!!" TA

"Very well delivered. Have much more knowledge and understanding of ASD awareness. Great ideas to support Speech, Language and communication difficulties...liked the practical activities" TA re 4 day Course

"I did not know about proprioception, vestibular and interoception, but I do now and I actually understand them." TA re Sensory training

"Very well delivered, enjoyed the practical activities. Have more knowledge on PDA. Understood the sensory differences much better, useful resources to take back..great ideas shared as a group."

"I really enjoyed today's training again, I found that when I got back to the school the next day I felt a bit more confident and calm, I look at the children different knowing what I learnt would be of use to these children. Thank you very much for your help, looking forward to the next training, oh and thanks for explaining about PDA - I thought I knew but I did not!"