what is Confirmation?

NOT a Rite of Passage...A Rite of Strengthening

The Catechism of the Catholic Church lists five effects of this outpouring (see CCC 1303):

1. It affirms our identity as children of God (“divine filiation”).

2. It unites us more firmly to Christ.

3. It increases in us the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

4. It strengthens our bond with the Church.

5. It strengthens us to spread and defend the Faith by our words and actions, to be fearless witnesses to Christ and the power of the cross.

Confirmation is in no way intended to be the end of their son or daughter’s spiritual formation but rather the beginning of a deeper life in Christ. Confirmation is one of the three “Sacraments of Initiation,” along with Baptism and the Eucharist.

• Confirmation perfects the graces received at Baptism, empowering us to be followers of the Lord and co-workers for the kingdom (see CCC 1316).

• Unlike the other Sacraments of Initiation, the ordinary minister of Confirmation is the bishop, a successor of the apostles.

• The bishop extends his hands over those to be confirmed, prays over them, and anoints them with holy oil saying, “Be sealed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit.” (see CCC1320)

• The word Christ means “anointed one.” In union with Jesus, the Sacrament of Confirmation makes us anointed ones as well!