PhD Dissertations:

1. Ben Stein, Ph.D. Dissertation, "Performance Characterization of a Radio-Frequency Capacitively Coupled Discharge Microthruster", August 2008.

2. Xiaohui Guo, Ph.D. Dissertation, "Investigations of Microscale Fluid-Thermal Phenomena Based on the Deterministic Boltzmann-ESBGK Model", May 2009.

3. Sruti Chigullapalli, Ph.D. Dissertation, "Deterministic Approach for Unsteady Rarefied Flow Simulations in Complex Geometries and its Application to Gas Flows in Microsystems", December 2011.

4. Venkattraman Ayyaswamy, Ph.D., "Particle Simulations of Ion Generation and Transport in MEMS and Micropropulsion", August 2012.

5. Andrew Weaver, Ph.D., "Assessment of High-Fidelity Collision Models in the Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Method," May 2015.

MS Theses:

1. Sruti Chigullapalli, "Application of High-Order Numerical Schemes for the Boltzmann Transport Equations to Non-Equilibrium Gas Flows", May 2008.

2. Ayyaswamy Venkattraman, "Simulations of Low-Density Gas/Droplet Supersonic Flows Expanding into Vacuum", May 2009.

3. Jeremy Nabeth,"Numerical Simulation of Knudsen Forces in Microsystems", May 2010.

4. Arnab Ganguly, "Simulation and Experiments of Low-Pressure Water Vapor Flows Applied to Freeze-drying", May 2010.

5. Andrew Weaver, "Analysis of Flowfield and Surface Heat-Flux Uncertainties Under Typical Blunt-Body Re-entry Conditions", May 2010.

6. Marat Kulakhmetov, "Quantification of Modeling Uncertainties in Hypersonic Nonequilibrium Flows", May 2011.

7. Siva Tholeti, "", May 2013.

8. Di Huang, "", August 2014.

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