LyoPRONTO: Lyophilization PRocess OptimizatioN TOol

Authors: Gayathri Shivkumar, Petr S. Kazarin and Alina A. Alexeenko

LyoPRONTO is an open-source user-friendly tool to simulate and optimize freezing and primary drying in lyophilizers written using Python.

Run an interactive LyoPRONTO simulation at

Please reference the following paper to cite this code: G. Shivkumar, P. S. Kazarin, A. D. Strongrich, & A. A. Alexeenko, "LyoPRONTO: An Open-Source Lyophilization PRocess OptimizatioN TOol", AAPS PharmSciTech (2019) 20: 328.

Download Python source files for LyoPRONTO v1.0 here.

This work is supported by the National Science Foundation Partnerships for Innovation - Research Partnerships Grant Number 1827717.