Welcome Class of 2021!

Senior Summer Assignment for ELA

All Seniors (CP, AP, and Honors)

  • The summer assignment for 2021-22 will get you ready to write your college essay. Link to the assignment description.

AP Students have an additional assignment connected to the novel Chronicle of a Death Foretold.

  • Link here. ALL students are required to pick up a copy of the book at the school's front office OR use this PDF.

Welcome to Team 12!

Shout out to Class of 2021!

Team 12 will use this page to disseminate information, celebrate students, assign work, make announcements, etc. There are separate links for individual classes below.

Senior Team Consistencies

Semester Two Consistency Update!

Take a look at the attached slides to see the team's updated attendance and late work policies
Work Hard - Be Nice - Get Smart

Teacher Office Hours- 2:30pm -3:00pm

Zoom links are found on teachers unified classroom pages

Monday - Ms. Dill

Tuesday- no office hours

Wednesday - Mr. Creeden and Ms. Henderson

Thursday- Mr. Sarnelli

Friday - no office hours

Take a trip to the Library!!

It has its very own website: Click Here!!

Student Help Desk

Students facing school-related technology issues may receive assistance by call, email or live chat.

PHONE:   (866) 552-0486

LIVE CHAT: https://support.customms.com

EMAIL:   studenthelpdesk@springfieldpublicschools.com

Follow the Senior Team on Remind

Senior Team - @ rensrs21

Mr. Creeden AP Statistics - @renstats21 Statistics and Probability - @statprob21

Mrs. Danby PreCalculus -@renprecalc

Mr. Sarnelli Honors Physics - @renhphys Physics - @rencpphys

Ms. Dill AP Government - @RenAPGov Government and Economics - @RenGovEcon

Ms. Henderson AP Literature - @renaplit12 Honors ELA - @renelah12 ELA - @renela12

Ms. Abdelmagid Math Apps - @tabdelmagi

Ms. Gilchrist Foundations of Art II @q3fo

Ms. Stoddard & Ms. Correia School Counselors @ren2021sps

Seniors of the Week!

Maddie Nowak

Maddie was the recipient of the first college acceptance for the Class of 2021!! She works hard, she is nice, and she makes us all so, so proud! After high school, her plan is to go into either Business or Early Childhood Development in college. Whichever she chooses, she just hopes enjoy her future career and be happy with her chosen path.

Maurice Williams

Maurice's increased participation and positive attitude demonstrate that he is a senior who is keeping his head in the game right when it counts! His plans for after high school is becoming a mechanical engineer and flipping houses. He has chosen these two careers because they're hands-on, and he believes he learns best when he's doing something hands-on. He's interested in flipping houses because of his grandfather. Watching him fix things around the house was always interesting, and now he wants to pursue that himself.

Genesis Ramos-Diaz

Genesis has been diligent and responsible in all her classes, but this has been especially true in Latin! After graduating from Renaissance, her future plans at the moment are to attend a four year college so she can major in nursing and study to become a Nurse Practitioner for pediatrics.

Team 12 Digital Consistencies

Basic Rules

  • Have a suitable workspace
  • Log in 5 minutes before class starts
  • Be Respectful
  • Listen Actively
  • Actively Participate
  • Complete and submit assigments on time

Student Responsibility

  • Show up!
  • Ask/answer questions
  • Participate in classroom discussions
  • Work independently or in groups when asked to
  • Be an active member of the virtual class community

Unacceptable Behavior

  • No vulgarity
  • Negative feedback on other's work and/or comments
  • Posting negativity, bullying others
  • No smoking, vaping, etc

Links to the Team 12 Pages: