Reggie Williams 1951 - 1999 

Reggie Williams

Cincinnati, April 29, 1951 - Amsterdam, February 7, 1999

Black Gay AIDS Activist, Co-Founder and Executive Director (1988-1994) of the National Task Force on AIDS Prevention (NTFAP) is the URL you can share!

April 29, 2021 

We were celebrating that Reggie was born 70 years ago!

Watch the recorded Zoom Event!

00:00:00 - 00:12:00  Welcome from Wolfgang and Al, introducing some of the more than 50 participants from all over the world

00:12:00 - 00:28:00 Invocation and Libation – Reverend Duncan E. Teague

00:28:00 Acknowledging Reverend Donald Ransom on his 77th birthday! 

Reverend Donald A. Ransom April 29, 1944  -  August 1, 2022, Obituary

Acknowledging the passing of Ken Jones  November 9, 1950 January 13, 2021

Acknowledging Curators/Co-Hosts, V. Papaya Mann, Chris “William” Bland, Jaime Geaga,

Steve Lew, George Bellinger Jr.

00:33:20 - 00:35:41 VIDEO MESSAGE from Ron Rowell, MPH, founder and executive director of the National Native American AIDS Prevention Center

00:36:50 - 1:08:48  GROWING UP REGGIE

Family and Early Friends, curated by Papaya Mann 

00:40:40 - 00:46:20 VIDEO MESSAGE from Lauren Wilson (Reggie's niece) 

Video from Denise Williams, Reggie's sister, Lauren's mom) (Link to Video on Facebook)

00:53:00 -  01:00:00 Live remarks from his friend Leon Baskin

01:00:30 - 01:07:50 PowerPoint of photos from  the The Seventies in Los Angeles, with comments by Leon Baskin


Curated by @William Bland @Jaime Geaga @Steve Lew 


01:08:50 - 01:13:06 Steve Lew

01:13:06 - 01:23:24 Phill Wilson, Hot, Horny and Healthy Workshops

01:23:24 - 01:31:52 Gavin Morrow-Hall and Phill Wilson

01:31:52  - San Francisco Gay Men of Color Coalition / Consortium - Founding groups: American Indian AIDS Institute (Now: NNAAPC), Curas - Community United in Response to AIDS/SIDA (Later: Proyecto ContraSIDA por Vida, GAPA Community HIV Project, Filipino Task Force on AIDS (FTFA)

01:33:50 Jaime Geaga

01:39:28 Tina Valentín Aguirre

01:46:10 Les Hanson

01:48:24 Chris “William” Bland on Coalition building!

01:50:24 Gerald Lenoir  

01:56:49 Mike Shriver 

01:59:36 EACH Program, Reggie's Legacy with NTFAP: Randall Miller.

02:10:39 Comments: Jesse Johnson, Joel Tan,  Tim Wilson, Papaya Mann, George Bellinger Jr.,  Rupert Kinnard, Ellen Goldstein

02:26:15 Al Cunningham, James Credle (Newark, NJ) 

James Credle, February 7, 1945 – April 15, 2023 , obituary

02:29:35 Video FIREBALL 1995 - Present - A Tribute to Reggie Williams > 02:38:45

> Fireball in Newark




Curated by George Bellinger Jr and Wolfgang Schreiber

02:44:00 H. Alexander Satorie-Robinson

02:49:00 Steve Lew

02:50:20 Ernest Hopkins

02:57:38 Vincent Crisostomo

03:00:00 Phill Wilson

03:13:00 - about working together with women: George reading Sandra McDonald's (Founder/President OUTREACH, INC. ATLANTA) words

03:15:00 Papaya Mann, (Yvonne Chambers)

03:18:30 Wolfgang Schreiber: Reggie's life in Amsterdam  and  Strange Fruit (Slideshow)

03:42:08 Jerry Haimé reads "Cordon Negro" by Essex Hemphill and talks about Reggie

03:48:26 Thank you all, by Al and Wolfgang

03:51:40 Video "The Best Thing"

Good Bye!

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Some remarks in the Zoom chat:

Charles Stephens: This history is so important. Very interested in how we can continue to document this.

Clarmundo "Michael" Sullivan:

(...) It was amazing to see you all. You all shaped my 30 year fight against HIV that continues today! You mentorship influenced me to start Golden Rule Services in Sacramento, CA.

Joel Tan: Incredible life changing fellowship at the national GMOC conferences.

Tina Valentin Aguirre (they/them/theirs): 

I love all of this!

Rev. Duncan Teague: After more than 2 hours of a HHH playshop here in Hotlanta, I had a member of a "certain" megachurch ask me to attend a healing ministry for gay men. Lord have mercy.

Ellen Goldstein:  NTFAP hosted the first PLUS seminars for newly HIV+ people and their FFLs (family, friends, lovers) with Alfredo Armendariz. These weekends were inclusive, supportive, loving, funny, heart-filled, informative, community-building… Changed the lives of so many people, including mine.

Steve Lew: Reggie used to say that activism saved his life

Tina Valentin Aguirre (they/them/theirs): Please consider donating items to the GLBT Historical Society for preservation and presentation. It’s important that the children learn our histories.

Gavin Morrow-Hall:

This has been wonderful and great seeing you all. Thank you for sharing all the memories

Vince A. Sales: I am grateful to be in community with you in this space. 

Cornelius Moore: This was a wonderful gathering. Happy Birthday Reggie. Thank you Al Cunningham for inviting me to attend.

Alan McCord: So many memories! Just wanted to mention other orgs who contributed so much over the years, and some of which have already been mentioned ... Native American AIDS Project, Proyecto Contra SIDA Por Vida, BAHSES (eventually becoming The Brothers Network), American Indian AIDS Institute, GAPA Community HIV Project, Gay Asian Pacific Alliance, National Native American AIDS Prevention Center, Living Well Project, Aguilas, Filipino Task Force on AIDS, APEB, Comunidad Unida en Respuesta al AIDS/SIDA, Ark of Refuge, Black Coalition on AIDS, Asian Pacific Islander Wellness Center, Gay Men of Color Consortium, Gay Men of Color AIDS Institutes, National LLEGO, Black Gay & Lesbian Leadership Forum, etc. Others?

Joel Tan: A hui ho dear ones. Mahalo for organizing and let’s plan that GMOC reunion in Hawaii.

Rupert Kinnard: (...) I love you all and keep up the good work!!!!

Mike Shriver: Thank you all for a beautiful birthday tribute to Reggie! 

Martin Ornelas-Mata: Must go, but Love to Reggie!!! Y Como Siempre...Unidos en la Lucha!!!

Tony Glover: Yes...thank you James! Loved the video, and I know the expanse of your and Don's work in Newark saved so many.

Gil Gerald: This was a wonderful tribute to Reggie and his gifts to all of us. It was wonderful to see all of you. Much love!

Randall Miller: Phill's first story reminds me of the time some of us all found each other in Paris after the Amsterdam Conference and had several days of Bristers-doing-Paris -- in the steps of Baldwin.

H Alexander Satorie-Robinson: Thank you to all of the organizers and to my brothers and sisters in the struggle. Reggie is still bringing us together and for that I will be eternally grateful.

Randall Miller: Thank you for organizing this celebration of Reggie and a healing space for all of those of us who loved him. Blessings and stay safe and well!

Vincent Crisostomo: Thank you all. Reggie lives on forever.

Les Everett: Thank you Al, Wolfgang, and all who put this beautiful tribute together. Peace... Les & Steve, Chicago

Esquizito 1&Only: Let us give thanks and praise, and laugh. Live! Love... a Todos!!

Bradley Green: Al, Wolfgang, and all. Thanks for putting this together.

Rev. Duncan Teague: We appreciate all the spiritus who joined us and we release them. Love and courage.

Loras Ojeda: This was beautiful, Take good care everyone! Happy Birthday Reggie!


Esquizito 1&Only: I'm proud to have known you all; and especially proud of our (so called) Long-term Survivors. Perhaps I shall see some of you in New Orleans. I am in Puerto Vallarta, mostly! With one foot in the 6ft. deep...

Olumide Popoola: thank you so much for organising and all the work everyone, this was so beautiful and moving

Tony Glover: Thank you to organizers and contributors Al, George, James, Randy, Wolfie, Steve, Gavin, whom I know, and all those I just met for the first time...What a wonderful tribute. Reggie was and remains one of a kind. I am grateful that my walk through life crossed with his. Much love to you all and happy birthday, Reggie!

Yvonne Chambers: Thank you for including me in such a wonderful acknowledgment of a life well lived. This is a manifestation of his legacy.

Planning Meeting on April 17th for the Zoom Event