Reggie Williams
Cincinnati, April 29, 1951 - Amsterdam, February 7, 1999

Black Gay AIDS Activist

Co-Founder and Executive Director (1988-1994)

of the

National Task Force on AIDS Prevention (NTFAP)

Finally: Reggie's name has been engraved at the AIDS Memorial Grove at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco! 


From the photo album Reggie
Reggie Williams at Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt, 1996.

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April 29, 2015

Reggie Williams was born on this day in 1951 (to February, 7, 1999). He was a health care professional, a charismatic community leader, a highly effective early activist for HIV prevention and treatment, and a caregiver and community-builder who created lasting alliances with other communities and interests, to achieve greater acceptance of the SGL/LGBT community of African descent. See More

Commemorating Reggie Williams

Editorial by Phill Wilson (2011)
This week, I'm thinking about my friend Reggie Williams, who passed away 12 years ago on the date that now marks Black AIDS Awareness Day > ...
Phill Wilson and Reggie Williams, 1997


No matter how you look at it, Black people bear the brunt of the AIDS epidemic in America today: 

  • Nearly 50% of the estimated 1.2 million Americans living with HIV are Black.

  • AIDS is the leading cause of death for Black Women aged 24-34.
  • 70% of the new HIV/AIDS cases among adolescents in the US are Black.

Test One Million from Greater Than.

The Test One Million (T1M) movement is a call-to action for one million Black Americans to get tested for HIV by 2010.  
> PDF Feb. 11, 2009 Press Release
15 Cincinnati Organizations join forces to end the AIDS epidemic in Black America
> PDF Test 1 Million Ohio/Kentucky Campaign Partners

Greater Than AIDSSM, a new national movement seeks to inspire hope and promote the possibility of change in the AIDS epidemic facing Black America through the united actions of individuals, families and communities. The campaign promotes individual action to prevent and reduce the spread of HIV, beginning with knowing one’s HIV status.


Reggie Williams Exhibit

- a loving tribute to Reggie -

Los Angeles 2001

San Francisco 2002/2003

Cincinnati 2010

“Our mission is to share the legacy of Reggie Williams as a role model in the struggle against the AIDS epidemic, to create more understanding for the life of people with HIV/AIDS and to inspire, empower and motivate people in the ongoing fight against AIDS.”

Curators Wolfgang Schreiber and Julie Potratz

“Displays that honor the lives and works of people with HIV/AIDS are much needed and crucial to continuing a united front against the disease.” 
Phill WilsonDirector of The Black AIDS Institute, Los Angeles.

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please contact curator Wolfgang Schreiber

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When the Black AIDS Institute released its annual State of AIDS Report in 2009, there was something new in the air. American had elected its first Black President, one who came to Washington promising to change political tone and to tackle problems that had long been kicked down the road. A year later, the newness has worn off.

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The Black AIDS Institute is a national "think tank" focused on addressing HIV/AIDS among African Americans and those of African descent through policy, advocacy, communications, training, and model program development.

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