Friends in the Struggle

Calu Lester

1951 - 1987

Black gay AIDS-activist, co-founder of the Third World AIDS Advisory Task Force

"Of all people that have ever had a major influence in my life, Calu was probably the most impactful. He was my neighbor, my friend, and my hero. A man full of compassion, humor and wit, his homespun, down-home, real folk-style was never overshadowed by his education, degrees or honors. As a 'country boy' from Paul's Valley, Oklahoma, Calu always had a sense that injustice in this world was wrong and that was the focus of his mission in life. (...)"

'Reflections of Calu Lester' presented by Reggie Williams May 23, 1993 during the AIDS Memorial Candlelight Vigil, San Francisco, CA

John Eric Teamer

April 26, 1941 - December 21, 1994

Co-founder of Black and White Men Together (BWMT) and first Board President of the National Task Force on AIDS Prevention (NTFAP) from 1988 - 1990.

He taught as an out gay and HIV-positive school teacher at Alamo Park High School (now Ida B. Wells High School), San Francisco.

In April 1991 he and Reggie celebrated their "90 years" together.