1970s - Los Angeles

Anti-War Protests, Gay Liberation - and Disco!

In the early 1970s Reggie and his partner Freeman (Alphonso Freeman, d. 1997) moved from Cincinnati to Los Angeles, California.

Reggie worked as a Radiology Technician at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

As so many people in L.A. Reggie had aspirations to become a model and actor.

Reggie with their dog Alfie

Reggie LOVED Sylvester (1947-1988) - his LPs were the only ones he always kept.

Sylvester > Wikipedia article

Reggie in drag, Los Angeles, 1980

'Playgirl' magazine featured Reggie as one of the 'Guys next door' in June 1979.

Reggie and Freeman split up when Reggie met Tim Isbell in L.A.

Together they moved to San Francisco.

Some history:

In New York City ...

On the last Saturday in June 1970, one year after the Stonewall riots, Christopher Street Liberation Day took place in New York City.

At the same time in San Francisco ...

The Pioneer - People told him no openly gay man could win political office. Fortunately, he ignored them: Harvey Milk (1930-1978), who had a photo store on San Francisco's Castro Street became San Francisco's first openly gay supervisor and was shot in 1978.

The rainbow flag was created in 1978 by artist, designer, Vietnam War veteran and then-drag performer, Gilbert Baker. He was commissioned to create a flag by another gay icon, politician Harvey Milk, for San Francisco’s annual pride parade.