How We Gather

We are like any other local group - except that we are members from around the globe. Most of us are from the US, but we have also joined the Sangha from Europe, Australia, Tailand, Bali, Turkey, Mexico and Brazil

Because we connect here, through the internet, we have developed materials that we can share electronically. (See Below) The structured nature of our materials help us to work independently or to offer each other beneficial support on our journey even if we are not Buddhist teachers or 5-year members of Recovery Dharma

How we organize ourselves

We are an inter-sangha of several meetings. Each meeting is autonomous, and we are quite interdependent, sharing this website, conference call platforms etc.

Our Inter-sangha meets monthly on the 3rd Saturday of the month to help us stay connected between meeting groups and to make decisions such as how to organize this site, our domain name and supporting members as the they step up into service positions.

Like any other recovery group, vowing to engage in practices of generosity and giving back is central to the success of our recovery

The Tools we use | The Actions we take | The Practices we engage with

Individual Practice

We meet up, meditate, read and discuss with others from around the World

We hang out in the Virtual Parking Lot afterwards for Q&A & fellowship

Listen to Talks

We spend our quiet time listening to Dharma Talks and guided meditations based on RD topics

Support Each other

We text, call and chat between meetings

We go to special events

Action Guide

We use the RD inquiry questions, and the RD ONLINE Action Guide, to explore our relationship to suffering

Community Practice

We give to others what has been so freely given to us

We volunteer at meetings, lead meetings, start new meetings and facilitate workshops.

Welcome Newcomers

We welcome newcomers with joy and appreciation

We offer written information

Learn About RD

We read about our community's history, our vision and how we work together


We engage in the essential practice of Generosity

RD ONLINE uses funds to maintain this website, our conference call platforms, and our representation to RD