Gratitude and Generosity

We engage in the essential practice of Gratitude and Generosity. These teachings, this practice and the community are priceless. Others before us have freely offered their wisdom, their effort and their resources to share these precious gifts with us. In turn, we recognize that we are the recipients of these precious jewels and practice generosity towards those who have shared with us, with each other and with those who are new to this path.

Our donation page is currently on hold due to turning over our legal status to RDO

We encourage you to remain engaged with your practice of generosity by donating to Recovery Dharma Global ~

Principle of Generosity / Dana

Each Group relies on the generosity of its members.

The teachings, the practices and the community are precious beyond measure. We offer our time, energy and presence to each other freely.

We also practice financial generosity to help maintain our presence online and with the larger RR fellowship.

RD Online Expenses

  • RD Online Domain Name
  • Zoom Meeting Platforms
  • Website
  • Free Conference Call Recordings

RD Online Wish List

We aspire to grow and change as a community. This includes some financial items.

Our own Domain with a whole site

Better platforms for home page that facilitate recording, storing and listening to recordings of talks, and meditations

Financially assisting those who represent Online and Phone meetings at events, such as National and Regional Conferences

Dharma Recovery Online is a community of people who use technology to gather together for meetings and workshops to deepen our connection with the Eight Fold Path of Recovery and the worldwide Recovery Dharma Community | | |