Recovery Dharma ONLINE is a thriving and robust community of Recovery Dharma members from around the world. We meet up at Online/Phone meetings and stay in contact between events. The fruit of this effort is a growing community of meetings driven by Spiritual Friends. We support each other on our paths of recovery.

Recovery Dharma ONLINE members facilitate many different meetings each week. We also host a monthly Inter-Sangha Meeting and quarterly workshops. For some, Online/Phone meetings serve as our home-base for community. For others, these meetings serve to augment attendance at local meetings. For instance, there is a morning sitting group most days of the week. It is wonderful way to start any day.

Our Action Guide

The Recovery Dharma ONLINE Action Guide is designed to help us become more familiar with this path of recovery based on the Buddha's teachings of The Four Noble Truths and The Eightfold Path. This guide offers readings and practices to us better understand these teachings. It also offers lists of readings and talks to support the work of the inventories. Taking refuge in community reminds us that we do not have to walk the path to recovery alone.

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Meeting time is Eastern US. See meeting homepage for international times.

Meeting List

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