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We are a group of Refuge Recovery Members who use technology to meet up with each other from around the world. We make an effort to stay in contact with each other between meetings to form Spiritual Friendships.

We get together online for meetings, workshops, and inter-sangha business. Some of us say around after the closing to hangout in the Virtual Parking Lot for fellowship. For some of us, this is our primary recovery community. For others, it supplements the meetings available to us locally.

This is our addition to guides to getting started on this path. It focuses on linking to online resources and powerful practices to cultivate community. The Wise Effort page is influenced by wisdom from recovery communities for process addiction.

RR LIVE is organized by, for and about peers who are traveling and working on the RR Path. All events and resources are offered freely. (Ahimsa and Dana)

We DONATE our time and money to maintain and improved this site and conference the call platforms where we meet each other

Refuge Recovery LIVE is a community of people who use technology to gather together for meetings and workshops to deepen our connection with the Eight Fold Path of Recovery and the worldwide Refuge Recovery Community | | | (323) 454-3145