Ten Courses

{bit.ly/TenCourses} I have now made substantial progress in developing courses which replace traditional mainstream courses with Islamic alternatives. These are not courses which start with Bismillah and end with Dua, while teaching conventional subject matter in between. An Islamic approach completely changes the subject matter, because even the definition of knowledge is different. My lecture on “An Islamic Approach to Knowledge” spells out some of the differences.  See also the  units on Islamic WorldView and Islamic Education to access a lot more material about the fundamental differences between Western and Islamic styles of education.  

This is an old listing, which I am now updating. I now have many more courses than ten, but I have not changed/updated the title of the page. 

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A short list of the courses which I have developed is given below. These are currently available for use by any teacher who would like to adopt an Islamic approach to teaching conventional economics subjects:

Finally, it is important to explain that these courses are all half-way houses — temporarily useful because of contemporary knowledge. They all have a three part structure — A: Explaining Conventional Concepts, B: Explaining why these are wrong or flawed, C: Taking steps towards creating superior alternatives.  EVENTUALLY, A and B will both become un-necessary and we will only need to do part C. However, for the moment we need to engage with what is currently being taught. This is similar to the Ilm-ul-Kalam that was invented to deal with theological problems arising out of Greek philosophy. When Greek philosophy became discredited and obsolete, there was no longer a need to learn how to refute it. However, this knowledge was essential when it was the dazzling and dominant paradigm.

POSTSCRIPT: Update older list of online lectures/courses on my home website: asadzaman.net