Adv Macro 2018

This is the homepage for M.Phil./Ph.D. Course in Macroeconomics, to be taught at PIDE in September 2018 by Dr. Asad Zaman, VC PIDE.
To access restricted reference materials for this course,  you must first join AZ Research Group. Then goto the link: Macro: GFC 2007
Main Textbook will be a re-reading of JM Keynes: A General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money. 
The lectures will be numbered in sequence from MAC01, MAC02, etc. You should go to MAC01 and do the work listed on that page. Make this your habit, since there will be DAILY assignments of things to do in this course. The Parallel Micro Course will also be taught on the same pattern. We try to to coordinate and ensure that sufficient time is allowed for you to do all of the assignments in both courses.

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