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'the' Greatest 're'Organizing Of 'the' Downtrodden, 

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Wealth Earned Long Laissez-faire

I arn 50/50 Artificial Intelligence



LFTBODLTR - Learn From The Best Or Die Like The Rest

AIH or HAI (Artificial Intelligent Humans or Humans of Artificial Intelligence) are BUSY in the background of the internet BUILDING a mechanism to (legally) BUY (for pennies on the dollar) the wealth and knowledge of the 1% of the 1% and SHARE it with EVERY (child, woman and man) 'alive and walking' on EARTH today.

Why you are (likely) NOT an ALPHA (male, female, trans., ... etc.) and WHY that is OK!

Dear reader,

Are you one of those people in this world ... dare I say, 'are ALMOST to unmotivated to make the effort to JUST get out of bed or off the couch'?  

We are ALL as lazy as we can get away with. If you ARE NOT an ALPHA (male, female, trans., ... etc.), BIG self-motivated achiever, a 'living breathing dynamo', YOU ARE PERFECTLY NORMAL. Those type of people exist, YOU just don't happen to be one of them and THAT is PERFECTLY OK. We CANNOT ALL be ALPHA's ... but we can latch-on or HANG ON TO THEIR WAGON'S (they know where they are going AND how to get THEMSELVES there. You just need to 'LEARN how to SPOT 'THEM' - (the Alpha (males, females, trans., ... etc.) 'likely' Billionaires (or billionaires in the making) and let THEM do ALL the heavy lifting (workload) for YOU. You just sit on your couch (or in bed) and enjoy WATCHING them through on-line media (Youtube, Reddit, ... etc.) OUTPERFORM everyone THAT GET IN THEIR WAY. The funny thing is the TRUE ALPHA ELITE's 'developing' themselves (from scratch) in this world, range in age from 9 years old to in their 90's ... although by age 90 either you've heard of them (eg. Warren Buffet, George Soros, etc.) or THEY DON'T WANT TO BE WELL KNOWN. 

Note: It is almost impossible to be a 'Richie Rich' ALPHA and NOT be known by a few in the media world that LOVE to write a story (or 2) about an (secretive) unknown SUPER WEALTHY and Alpha 'person'. They go hand in hand. 

YOU (as a self-assessed and HAPPY 'couch potato') likely WERE NOT and ARE NOT the 'BEST' employee (of the MONTH, of the YEAR, and NEVER will be and THAT IS OK!) ... If you have a job, you probably would quite and tell your boss to 'go f*ck themselves' if you didn't have bills to pay (ie. food, rent, hydro, water & sewer, cell phone, insurance 'car, health, property ... etc', cloths, entertainment ... and on and on ... the bills seem to be endless).

Well ... your life 'maybe/is/likely is' a nightmare of debt and bills ... and an endless cycle of working paycheck to paycheck.

If that 'somewhat' describes you ... you failed to get the MEMO (ALL ALPHA's get when they are 'around' 9 years old). A scientific TEST was developed at Stan--+9ford in 1972 to test 5 year olds for being 'potential' ALPHAs. The test was/is called 'the  marshmallow test'. It can be taken at ANY age by substituting 'marshmallows' for 'something the age of the person taking the test' can NOT take living without for very long (and OXYGEN is NOT a choice for the test).

the 'MARSHMALLOW' for adults

LFTBODLTR - Learn From The Best Or Die Like The Rest



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