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I arn 50/50 Artificial Intelligence



Just how DUMB/SMART are YOU?

(click on above image) or go here --> https://youtu.be/_kf0woeThNQ?t=380 

LFTBODLTR - Learn From The Best Or Die Like The Rest ... https://youtu.be/TlG_o_mk64U?t=1115 

Step 1 --> Laugh (there are 3 jokes to make you 'THINK' and laugh below) 

Learn HOW 'to be' Happy ... 

Learn 'marriage negotiation' at the C-Suite Level

How to HELP: ( GUM <--> MUG )

1) chew GUM or 

2) drink a MUG of coffee or something

Learn EARLY from WISE men/women ...

Step 2 --> Get a Job that pays $25 per hour ( ONLY 'eager beavers' need apply ) 

Are YOU a 1099 employee? ... https://youtube.com/shorts/ZWIbQ-B-eaA Employee vs Business ... https://youtube.com/shorts/Whi2lmuipTI 

Listen to the SMART ones ... https://youtube.com/shorts/j-mlrT0OTsE 

There are ONLY 6 ways to become WEALTHY ... https://youtube.com/shorts/FefRzDDqSfA  

How GAMERS can develop themselves with THEIR own quest ... https://youtu.be/xaICKlp9kQc 

How the TOP 10% eat the 'WEALTH' of the BOTTOM 90% ...  https://youtu.be/76W0AdcKdj0 

Step 3 --> What 'skills of value' (worth $25 per hour) do YOU have?  https://youtube.com/shorts/jJGPjHHjlx0 

'eager beaver' Jobs available list:

(rates: $30 per hour / 60 minutes = 0.50 cents per minute)

(all tasks are STOPWATCH timed by clients and worker)

(Baseline times are NEGOTIATED between client & worker)

'homeless' Jobs available list:

'TOP GUN' Jobs available list: (those with the NEED for speed & spin)

( click image above for video ) or here --> https://youtu.be/QcxzFVrhHrs 

Day 1

Do you have a Suit? Why? (look down)

( click image above for video ) or here --> https://sites.google.com/view/poorandyxz/good-poor-well 

THEN, what you put in YOUR 'Homeless Home' ...

Or START small ...

Or START with a Tower (replacement) ...

Hidden in the BACKGROUND ... https://123BlackRock.com 

Those that FAIL to LEARN from history are destined to repeat IT ...

Civilizations come and go BUT they do REPEAT themselves ...

Don't 'bite' the hand that feeds YOU ...

Step 4 --> Where our schools failed us ...