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I arn 50/50 Artificial Intelligence



LFTBODLTR - Learn From The Best Or Die Like The Rest

Happy 35th Birthday Leandro ( http://LeandroPereira.com )

(you) are the 'Pilot', find a Great 'Copilot' ...

the end of this page (card) is a bit 'touchy/feely' but we (dad's) still love you!

1) Implementation (1st Level - the Doers)

2) Unification (2nd - Management Level)

3) Communication (Highest Level)ย 

a PhD ... skill-set ...

1st letter of every word ...

are (you) an INFJS ? ...

in 5 minutes ... 'Leadership'

Task #1 Collect Data on the (20 - 1) 19 GIANTS ย (Credit Suisse just went under)

ย https://youtu.be/Np6td-wzDYQย 

Task #2 Listen to the Knowledge (you) 'need' and 'how' to BUY enough stock to 'Own' the (20 - 1) 19 GIANTS ย 

like it or not, we live in a DIY world ...

DIY - Do It Yourself

eg. How to Build a Life 'in Pursuit of Happyness': https://youtu.be/DMOBlEcRuw8ย 

Put (your) excess Cash to: 2 (1 share Pilot (you), 1 share Copilot (your wife)) x $650 BLK share = $1,300 --> to Build (your) Happy Life & Family (slowly)

each 'Pilot' and 'Copilot' also gets 1 Class A share of 'GPW' per year (on their Birthday) https://fs22.formsite.com/randycolbert/9ouwjoyilk/index.htmlย 

1 share of 'GPW' = 1 share of BLK https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/quote/BLK?p=BLKย 

ALL excess cash of GPW is (immediately) re-invested into buying (more) BLK shares

there are only 21,000,000 Bitcoin (ever going to exist)

there are only 152,000,000 BLK shares

YOU can own 0% to 100%, each share pays $36 US$ income per year (NO manual work involved)

What do YOU want to earn this year?ย 

$48,600 Canadian / ($36 US$ x 1.35 exchange) = 1,000 BLK shares

1,000 BLK shares --> 100% owned by 'the Bank' or

1,000 BLK shares --> 100% owned by YOU

But WHAT is YOUR level of income?

1) Talent search: (you) the Potential Employee ย https://www.facebook.com/groups/swanrivermbskillsetย 

3) Indeed search: (you) the Potential Employee https://ca.indeed.com/jobs?q=Director&l=Swan+River%2C+MB&vjk=6e4b5cf3fa7bfc59ย 

4) https://123BlackRock.com Slow and Steady WINS the Race ...ย 


Contact POORandyx@gmail.com to get more information on the project

LFTBODLTR - Learn From The Best Or Die Like The Rest

This might be 'to soon' for you but I liked it: