Polish Archives

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Please find below basic information on Polish Archives including State, Church Archives and Civil Registry Offices. To access each one individually, please use navigation menu or click directly below on respective icons.

Basic rules

  • When sending a request no matter if this is via snail mail or e-mail always provide your basic details, i.e. Your Name and Surname, 00 Street Name no 00, City name, postal code, Country, your email address, no details archive may not reply at all.

  • Always provide name of parish/civil registry office, year and type of record you would like to receive for specific ancestor/s.

Polish letter/e-mail writing guide

How to pay for records?

Transferring money from bank to bank maybe expensive, therefore the best way is to make a money transfer with use of the following website:

Please verify if you need to include the bank charges fee for effect of the transfer.

Check also this link:


CHECK IN LETTER*: Sending a personal or bank check is a safe way to give gifts of money because they are of no use to a thief and can be cashed only by the recipient they are made out to. The drawback is that foreign (American) checks cannot be cashed immediately in Poland but are sent back to a US check- clearance center for verification, so it may take a month of two before the recipient actually sees the cash. Different banks charge from $5 to $10 to cash a check, and only banks cash checks in Poland, so that could mean a long trip to town for rural residents.

CASH IN LETTER*: An American banknote stands a better chance of getting through when slipped into what looks like a normal letter (not a greeting card!) and sent in a plain, regular, white envelope. A blank sheet of paper may be used to wrap the cash in, but it might be nicer if you at least penned (or typed) in: WESOŁYCH ŚWIĄT i SZCZĘŚLIWEGO NOWEGO ROKU! Nevertheless, during the pre-Christmas season, even such an indistinctive, low-key mailing is at higher risk than at other times of year.

*source: https://www.polartcenter.com/Articles.asp?ID=141&fbclid=IwAR2GAWvBEcwBn7_ip6nmfESTVZKF5Xn5udpfb0ZiGI7Vc3t7BF9PLhZ2f88