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How to use AGAD when searching for vital registers for Kresy (Borderlands)

Practical advice for people planning genealogical investigations (mostly, but not only) in Archiwum Główne Akt Dawnych (The Central Archives of Historical Records)

How to find if/where microfilms are available at Family History Center

How to use Familysearch.org

How to use Genealogia w Archiwach

How to use GENETEKA (www.geneteka.genealodzy.pl)

How to use GENBAZA (metryki.genbaza.pl)

How to use www.indeksy.projektpodlasie.pl

How to use LUBGENS (www.lubgens.eu)

How to use METRYKI (metryki.genealodzy.pl)

How to use POZNAN-PROJECT (http://poznan-project.psnc.pl/search.php)

How to use Szukaj w Archiwach (www.szukajwarchiwach.pl)

How to use www.wolyn-metryki.pl

Family tree tools

Basic pedigree chart - English/Polish

Passenger manifest chart

  • form prepared by Mary Wroblewski Light


DNA and Genealogy Tutorials