How to file PIT / Income tax in Poland

How I can file income tax in Poland / fill PIT. Can someone help me?

Filing a income tax return can be daunting in any country, specially when you don't understand language. But don't worry here we try to explain everything as simple as possible.

To start with: If you have NIP or PESEL, it is much easier to file your tax return. Last date of submitting PIT (income tax) is 30th of April for the income gains from previous year.

Step 1: Get tax document from your work.

When you work in Poland (contract of employment - “umowa o pracę”, contract of mandate - “umowa zlecenie”, contract for specific work - “umowa o dzieło”) you should get (mandatory) from your employer PIT-11 till 28 February every year. You have time to submit filled form PIT-37 till 30 April every year.

When you have company in Poland your should get from your accountant (if he/she is not filling PIT for you) PIT/B and submit PIT-36 in tax office till 30 April every year.

When you work in many places and have also your own company you should get from every place PIT-11 or PIT/B (depend on what basis you work) and submit only ONE form to tax office till 30 April every year.

Please note above mentioned PIT form numbers are for standard employed / business people (which most probably you are). There are many many other forms for income tax return which normally do not apply to you. So don't be frightened if online or in tax office you see many different forms, those simply doesn't apply to you.

Step 2: Choose a way to fill the tax return form for submission

Step 2a: Through Ministry Website

This is a new process started from 2019. This step applies to you only if you have NIP or PESEL or ePUAP account.

Go to website of Ministry of Finance , login using your NIP / PESEL and you need to know amount of revenue that you indicated in last years PIT) or simply login through ePUAP account. There you will see your PIT which you need to:

1. accept it (accept as individual / together with spouse / as single parent) if you think the information provided is correct. Just provide information on !& donation, your bank account, click accept and send or

2. change it (edit other data such as address...) and accept or

3. If you don't see correct information about your earnings, just do nothing now and go to step 2b.

Please note: if you do nothing by 30th of April that PIT will be accepted automatically.

If you have accepted the PIT in this step. It is settled and your income tax is filled just see step 3 below. Easy !

Step 2b: Through other websites (the tougher part)

if you see incorrect information on above website you can fill your tax return and send online by downloading software from either of following websites:, (there are some other too). For submitting through any of these websites fill PIT-37 (if you are employed), PIT-36 (if you have company). Note: You can send online only if you have NIP or PESEL. From 2020 its compulsory to have only PESEL.

For filling the forms see these directions.

Please note: from 2019 is not allowed to put by your emloyer "999999999". Its compulsory to have PESEL/NIP number. If they put above number in your PIT its not going to be processed. You may not be able to get your tax return.

If you have changed your address or account number during year you should submit to tax office form ZAP-3 (for those who work) or NIP-7 (for those who have company here).

Final Step 3 – If you need to pay more or will you get refund from tax office ?

When you finish filling your PIT-37/PIT-36 you can see if you are required to pay more or you will get refund (calculated on based of many factors, see note below).

Additional payment:

If you are required to pay more you can do that by online bank transfer to bank account of local tax office which can be on the website of your local tax office. To find account number for payment just google "urząd skarbowy" (tax office) of your area, for example to search tax office of Mokotow district in warsaw search on google "Urząd Skarbowy dla Warszawy Mokotowa", on their website look for section numery rachunków bankowych (bank account numbers), On the bank account numbers list find podatek dochodowy od osób fizycznych (for personal PITs), podatek dochodowy od osób prawnych (for buisness PITs).

Remember: The additional payment should be made by you before 30th April.


When the tax office confirms that you should obtain a tax refund they will send you the money to your bank account (you mentioned in PIT) within 90 days.

If u submitt PIT between 1.01 - 15.02 - tax return should be maximum up to 1 April 2019 r.

If u submitt PIT between 16.02 - 30.04 - tax return should be maximum during 45 days

Note: There are also many exemptions from tax (for example when u have children, wife isn’t working and staying with you in Poland), or she also works and you want to fill the tax return together. those all things are different from person to person. Remember, doesn’t matter how many PIT you get you should always submit ONE PIT in tax office.

Here are some useful links:

Can some help me to fill my tax return?

If still you are not comfortable in filling tax return by yourself our team can help. Click here to chat with us.

That's it for this year! We hope you get huge tax refund this year !