Poland Visa and Residence Card

Q1. How I can apply for Polish Visa ?

Useful links for visa application:



Additional slots for all visa types are opened in the e-konsulat system twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays at 3 PM (IST).

For Visa interview: You can see following posts in our facebook group:

Q2. How to apply for residence card ?

Polish Migration Forum (Polskie Forum Migracyjne) has prepared a very nice step by step FAQ please see that file here.

You can also read FAQs about TRC here:

Q3. I came to Poland on tourist Visa. Can I get TRC ?

In most case not. More details about TRC you can find on website https://udsc.gov.pl/en/cudzoziemcy/obywatele-panstw-trzecich/chce-przedluzyc-swoj-pobyt-w-polsce/zezwolenie-na-pobyt-czasowy

Understand the basics first. TRC is issued on few bases as work, business activity, studies and education, researcher, residence with family. If you got a job you apply for a work permit and based on WP you apply for TRC. Work permit is required for each employer, you cannot work on same work permit with any other employer. Remember changing job = changing work permit.

Attention: There are many fraud agents. They all come on such fake work permits earlier and trying to bring more people to recover their costs. Recently Polish government becoming more and more stringent in issuing TRC’s. So if you do not have a valid work permit before coming here think twice. It can be risky

A warning against dishonest agents and info on all official fees. In Polish but there is also an attached file with English translation below. It's from Urząd Wojewódzki.


Q4. I need Polish to Hindi or Hindi to Polish translator for document translation.

If you need sworn translator (not only hindi, any language) you can find information on Ministry of Justice website, just choose language which you need and search


Q5. What to do in case of losing the temporary residence card/Karta pobytu?

If stolen : go with your Police report and decision papers, passport, meldunek (domicile ) to your foreigners office. Nominal payment for new Card and it’s issued in about a months time

If lost : just write a letter addressing the foreigners office, attach your decision papers, passport, meldunek ( domicile ). Hand deliver this. Nominal payment for new card and it’s issued in about a months time.

If stolen / lost and needed urgently :

1. Write a letter defining the urgency + all the above and hope you will get it.

2. Secondly in rarest of cases, serious urgencies you can also get a stamp from the Foreigners office on your passport which will allow you to leave The EU and go back home, but won’t let you return. Then you will need to reapply in your country’s concerning consulates.

Q6. I lost my passport with Polish visa in it.

Step 1: Inform Nearest Police Station.

Step 2: You should go to Indian Embassy in Warsaw and submit application for new passport. See this link: https://www.indianembassywarsaw.gov.in/eoi.php?id=Pass

Step 3: Apply for a replacement visa in your urząd wojewódzki (voivodship office). You should have a new passport and a confirmation that you reported loss of the previous one. A copy of your lost visa would be much useful.