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General Questions

Q1. Is Poland safe country ? Is there racism in Poland ?

Absolutely safe! Until you are not wandering out after 12 AM in city in a drunken state attracting the hooligans….

On racism: There good and bad people are in every country. Following is some data from a poll conducted by Indian community of Poland on Racism. Its a bit old data from 2017:


Poll Summary:

Q2. What are living expenses / cost in Poland ?

In Warsaw: Cost of living for a single person per month is 2087 złoty without including rent.

A 1 bhk cost about 1800 to 2500 PLN rent depending on the location. A 2 BHK in the outskirts of warsaw will cost the same. If you are single you can share with others for 800 PLN.

Food expenses depends on eating habits. But it can be managed between 200 PLN to 800 PLN for one person if you eat only home cooked food and no eating out.

Eating out - the cheapest will be a kebab for about 12 zł

Local pass is 110 PLN for 1 Month\280 PLN for 3 months for transportation.

In Wrocław: cost of living for a single person per month is 1983 zł without including rent -