Polish Documents

1. Where to register home address / Zameldowania ?

Registration you can make in Town Hall (Urząd Miasta) near your place of stay.

2. How to apply for PESEL ? Do I really need PESEL ?

PESEL can be helpful to obtain bank loans, medical help and tax return. PESEL number is not mandatory But if you have it, that can make your life much more easier. Specially in terms of medical care and taxes.

To get PESEL there are 2 ways:

1. Just go and report yourself your local town hall office along with your passport / TRC and rent agreement and fill “wniosek o zameldowanie” You will get PESEL immediately.

2. if you don’t have rent agreement you can still get PESEL by filling application “wniosek o nadanie numeru PESEL” where you have to write why you want to get this number. Just mention in you application following sentence (for craeting ePUAP account): §5, ust. 3 Rozporządzenia Ministra Cyfryzacji z dnia 5 października 2016 roku w sprawie profilu zaufanego elektronicznej platformy usług administracji publicznej.

Note: If your TRC is under process and you have stamp in passport you can still get it. But if you don’t have stamp in passport you can’t get PESEL using above 2 ways.

3. How to get NIP (it is like Indian PAN Number for Income tax)

In order to receive a NIP number, one should fill in the NIP-7 form. The form is available at all tax offices. One should submit NIP-7 form in tax office nearest to his place of stay.

The completed document may be also sent by registered letter. When starting a business, one's personal NIP number automatically becomes the number of the newly-created company.

Additional: NIP number is not mandatory (it is only if you pay tax in Poland), same as PESEL number but if you have both numbers they make your life easier.

4. How I can exchange my Indian driving licence with Polish?

Please see following post with detailed description:


Other useful links: https://parivahan.gov.in/rcdlstatus/

5. How to Fill income tax / PIT in Poland ?

See here