Study in Poland

Q1. I have got admission in this XYZ university is it good ?

In Poland usually government Universities, Institutes and some private ones are good (Koźmiński, Łazarski, Polsko-Japońsko IT). If you are coming to a university/institute which is not government and not in the list below, think again !

Below is ranking of government and private Universities.

Please see list of University rankings here (Subject wise):

Also,see the Post:

Also see this document on education and work for foreigners in Poland.

Q2. Scholarships for Bachelor, Master and Doctoral (PhD) Studies?

Bachelor & Master studies:

Doctoral Studies:

English schools for children

For Foreigners

Grade 1 : American School and British School (4000 to 5000 PLN per month)

Grade 2: Meridian, Canadian and few other school ( 2000 to 2500 PLN per month)

Grade 3: Free public Schools.

The above grades are purely based on cost. NOT the quality of education. In general Public schools have higher quality than paid ones.

This will give you a list of schools →

International American School in Warsaw

British international school

The Canadian School in Warsaw

Below link where is more mention about english schools in Warsaw and also in other polish cities

All schools where they teach fully in english are highly expensive. You can also send your child to public school. The public/government schools are very good. The medium is purely polish i.e. history, maths, science etc. will all be in Polish. Most teach English as a foreign language for a couple of lessons per week. For foreigners they also provide extra polish lessons twice a week for an year for the kids to adjust to the new place.