Daily Life Questions

Daily Life questions

Q1. Are there any indian shops to buy grocery in Poland / Warsaw / other cities ?

Warsaw: Little India, Desi Bazar and few others.

More info here: https://www.facebook.com/notes/indian-community-of-poland/list-of-indian-shops/10150809412375061/

Q2. How I can watch Indian TV Channels / Programs in Poland ?

Yes, there are few ways:

  1. you can use open box and point your satellite dish towards Astra Satellite and you can watch free to air UK Indian channels.

  2. Second is by using android box, and use various apps (HomeLive IPTV) to watch tv.

  3. You can also watch on demand Indian programs online using: Hotstar, SonyLiv, Zee5, Voot. AltBalaji, Eros NOW, tatasky online, jiotv, airtel tv, Amazon prime, Netflix India. But to watch any of these Indian content you would require a VPN services such as NordVPN, Express VPN, IPVanish VyperVPN, , PureVPN, ZEN VPN, Tunnel-Bear. Here is list of best VPN providers for Indian IP addresses : https://www.bestvpn.com/best-vpn-india/

For members of Indian community of Poland we have special discount on NordVPN

Q3. Which Indian mobile operators work in Poland ?

Currently there are 4 major players in India telecom sector: Vodafone- Idea, Airtel, BSNL and Jio. For prepaid connections Airtel works, Jio (you have to activate it before coming to Poland). BSNL is going to launch international roaming in Poland soon for prepaid customers. All Postpaid operators works but need to activated before you come.

Q4. What is cheapest way to call India, Which SIM card I should buy?

Lyca mobile, Klucz mobile are cheapest mobile operators for calling to India.

You can also call on Indian landline and mobile numbers using android apps: Mobile VOIP / VOIPDiscount; Skype prepaid and google hangout prepaid, Rebtel app (unlimited calling to any indian number in 40zl / month). Offcourse whatsapp is always option.

Q5. How I can transfer Money from Poland to India ?

TransferWise is cheapest and fastest way.

Q6. How I can transfer money from India to Poland?

Skrill is currently one of the best options.

Others include Axis Forex, SBI, Western Union, ICICI money2World costs and time varies for each.

Q7. Which are Indian restaurants in Poland (by different city) ?

New restaurants are popping up in Warsaw and other cities almost every month and you can definitely find some Indian restaurant in your neighborhood, In bigger cities like Warsaw you can even find Indian Tiffin services. Although these tiffin services are also opening and closing and do not deliver to all warsaw (and in other cities) so we recommend to ask in our facebook group.

Warsaw: Namaste India, Tandoor Palace are among oldest in Warsaw. There are many more. You can see the list here:


Krakow: Taste of India, Indian Masala and more here:


Lodz: Laxmi, Masala Ghor, Ganesha, Taste of India, Masala Express, Istanbul Taj Mahal

You can also order food online using pyszne.pl, glodny.pl, Uber eats or pizzaportal.pl

Q9: Are there any Indian temples, gurudwara, Churches (with English Mass), Mosques.

In Warsaw:

ISKON: http://www.harekryszna.pl/

Hindu bhavan: https://www.facebook.com/Hindubhavan/

Gurudwara: http://www.gurudawara.pl/

Langar seva in Warsaw gurudwara every sunday at 2:00 pm.

Mosque: Ośrodek Kultury Muzułmańskiej; http://www.okmwarszawa.pl/

Churches with English Mass: http://warsawcatholics.pl/

Q10. How I can exchange my Indian driving licence with Polish?

Please see following post with detailed description:


Other useful links: https://parivahan.gov.in/rcdlstatus/

Q11. I have been robbed / attacked what should I do ?

Inform your local Police station (it's better to go with someone who speaks Polish because local police office may / may not speak english).

Inform Indian embassy. EMERGENCY ONLY HELPLINE: 24 x 7 Helpline for Indian Nationals only in +48 606 700 105

Q12. What are emergency numbers in Poland ?

112 - for all emergencies

Police: 997

Fire: 998

Ambulance: 999

Inform Indian embassy. EMERGENCY ONLY HELPLINE: 24 x 7 Helpline for Indian Nationals only in +48 606 700 105

You can always chat with Indian community of Poland for some advice in non emergency situations.

Q13. Polish News Websites in English ?



Q14. English radio stations?

http://player.polskieradio.pl/-5 (mobile app: PolskieRadio)

Q15. Site seeing info?


For Warsaw:



www.warsawpass.com (useful for visiting many attractions within 72 hr in reduced rate)

Free walking tours are available in all major cities (but you have to pay as you wish)

Q16. Which are the recommended options for sending or receiving big parcels/letter/documents to/from India?

Poczta Polska (Polish post) is reliable and cheapest way to send documents (prioritet option, 20 pln. reaches in 10-15 days) / parcels (cost depends on weight, around 15 days) to India. If you select option: priority with tracking you can also track the package till it reaches destination in Polish post website and Indian post website. More details in the post below:

Q17. Which is the best way if I am planning to get married in poland with a polish girl, currently am working in XYZ country. Is it possible to get married on tourist visa?

Yes. But please mind, that you are required to issue a certificate that you are single and you can get married. As India doesn’t issue such certificate, you have to go through the court’s permission. That takes time.

Q18. Websites to search stuff

Olx.pl, Gumtree.pl and Allegro.pl for online new and second hand items. This is just like our amazon.

Ceneo.pl - website to compare prices

Q19: Are there any Indians in the city I am going ?

See this poll conducted by Indian Community of Poland. You may find some Indian friends in you city:


Q20. Are there any Indians from my home state in Poland ?

See this poll conducted by Indian Community of Poland. You may find some Indian friends from your state:


Q21. Are there any English schools for children ?

For Foreigners

Grade 1 : American School and British School (4000 to 5000 PLN per month)

Grade 2: Meridian, Canadian and few other school ( 2000 to 2500 PLN per month)

Grade 3: Free public Schools.

The above grades are purely based on cost. NOT the quality of education. In general Public schools have higher quality than paid ones.

This will give you a list of schools → http://www.ourkids.net/pl-en/international-schools-in-warsaw.php

International American School in Warsaw http://www.ias.edu.pl

British international school https://www.nordangliaeducation.com/our-schools/warsaw/admissions/fees

The Canadian School in Warsaw http://canadian-school.pl/

Below link where is more mention about english schools in Warsaw and also in other polish cities http://www.ourkids.net/pl-en/english-schools-warsaw.php#maincontent

All schools where they teach fully in english are highly expensive. You can also send your child to public school. The public/government schools are very good if not better than the private schools. The medium is purely polish i.e. history, maths, science etc. will all be in polski. Most teach English as a foreign language for a couple of lessons per week.

For foreigners they also provide extra polish lessons twice a week for an year for the kids to adjust to the new place.