Education Value Statement

Our Revolution Somerville believes that public education is a public good that exists to foster the development of critical-thinking members of society, and that teaching is an important profession in which adults can have a meaningful impact on students’ lives. Toward that end, we believe the following:

  • We celebrate that many of our students are immigrants—undocumented and documented. We value schools that are constantly working to create environments that actively support the specific needs of these students.
  • We value all of the adults in students’ lives, and believe that Somerville Public Schools (SPS) should build strong alliances and relationships between schools and the parent/guardian, student, and teacher communities. We support wraparound services that reach not only to children but to their families, meaningful and sustained teacher input in educational and curricular initiatives, and fair contracts that support high-quality teacher training and work environments. We trust and respect educators as professionals and believe that they should have academic freedom in the classroom.
  • We support equal and fair education for all students and believe that this is only possible when the needs and concerns of historically marginalized groups are prioritized. This can be achieved specifically through fair and restorative discipline practices, representational hiring, curricula that reflect the realities of our students, bilingual education, and an educational environment that supports the whole child.
  • We believe in investing in our public schools and denounce the current structure of charter schools which refuse to serve all student populations, drain resources from public schools, and are not accountable from the oversight of local communities.
  • We call for a review of the over-reliance and emphasis on assessment and standardized testing. These practices narrow the curriculum and take away teaching and learning time.
  • Research shows that learning gaps begin before kindergarten and persist throughout a child's entire schooling. To address this, we support high quality early childhood education for every child in Somerville