Standardized Instruments

Re-coding standardized instruments using the Omaha System Problem Rating Scale for Outcomes (Knowledge, Behavior, and Status measures [KBS]) will allow for the comparison of measures across populations, practices, and problems; and enable evaluation of relationships between variables. The KBS mapping project started in 2012 and continued through 2013 using an iterative mapping process with select informatics classes of the University of Minnesota’s School of Nursing DNP students. In 2014, this work was compiled, and after clinical expert review of the work, was refined to be shared publicly. Ongoing efforts to augment the compendium of mapped measures continues.


Monsen, K. A., Kelechi, T. J., McRae, M. E., Mathiason, M. A., & Martin, K. S., (in press). Nursing theory, terminology, and Big Data: Data-driven discovery of novel patterns in venous leg ulcer wound prevention. Nursing Research.