Sickle Cell Disease

The purpose of this Omaha System-encoded Evidence-Based Management of Sickle Cell Disease guideline is to provide persons with sickle cell traits, and their multi-disciplinary professionals and informal care partners with the means to organize care and document evidence-based interventions using the Omaha System. The guideline provides the following description of its development:

"The purpose of the Evidence-Based Management of Sickle Cell Disease: Expert Panel Report (EPR), 2014 is to synthesize the available scientific evidence on sickle cell disease and offer guidance to clinicians, patients, and families. Co-chairs Drs. George Buchanan and Barbara Yawn guided the work of an expert panel and national organization representative, and the production of this report, which generated much discussion regarding the quality of the available scientific literature, its interpretation, and its practical application. Priority was given to delivering a document that both objectively evaluated and organized the evidence and could be put into practice in the clinical setting. Effective implementation of the evidence is ultimately what is needed to bring about a change in outcomes. By developing this EPR, the expert panel has taken a tremendous step towards addressing the health needs of the person with sickle cell disease in acute care, chronic care, and health maintenance settings. It is incumbent upon the team of health professionals caring for these individuals to change the landscape of care by providing this state-of-the-science care."

This standards-encoded guideline is intended to facilitate improved health outcomes and quality of life for persons living with sickle cell disease through a systemic translation of evidence into practice using the Omaha System.


Evidence-Based Management of Sickle Cell Disease: Expert Panel Report, 2014. Available at