Announcements--Updated Weekly

February 11, 2019

Hi all,

Just a reminder that we’ll have donuts, fruit, and GF options for a viewing of the t-shirt contest submissions this Wednesday at 9:15 in the hallway outside AC228.

Don’t forget that next week is an Olin Monday on Wednesday – please make arrangements appropriate to your team to keep momentum. Or, as Lynn said, “you’re gonna lose a day, don’t lose a week!”

Please check the calendar for some updates to upcoming Storytelling workshop and Summit Dry Run. Ask your faculty advisor about more details if you’d like them.



January 23, 2019

Slides from SCOPE Day One Part Two


Hello all,

I hope that you had a restful and rejuvenating break and that your thoughts are, in part, turning back to your SCOPE project!

We will meet tomorrow in the dining hall at 9AM sharp to kick off the second semester. Please review and reflect upon your personal learning goals, teaming agreement, and overall project status/timeline. Are you on track? Have things changed? We will ask you to consider each of these and to create some relevant artifacts.

See you there!

Alisha and the team

Hello fine SCOPEians,

Some things this week*

· Finish your peer- and self- assessments by end of day tomorrow

· POs – schedule a meeting with your faculty advisor

· Budgets are due tomorrow

o We need these for college-level budget projections

o Please fill in paid items and projected expenses

o And get them signed



* Enjoy! And Enjoy! (due to a 5-image limit)

November 27, 2018

Hi all,

I hope you had a restful break. A few things:

1) Peer- and self-assessments for the end of semester are due 12/5. They are open now.

2) Photos due for November’s photo contest are due tomorrow!

3) We have also reserved the crescent rooms for Presentation Practice next week if you want to grab one since most of you are practicing tomorrow here.



November 13, 2018

Hi all,

Please continue to work to schedule your Midyear Presentations with your sponsors.

  • You must work with your advisor to ensure that they can attend the both presentation AND a presentation practice
  • Please enter your practice and presentation here

Now that you have your schedules for next semester, please set up your off-Wednesday meetings with:

  • your team
  • your advisor (for POs)



November 6, 2018

Hi teams,

You might be wondering if it is time to panic….. the answer depends upon your perspective.* The end of the semester is coming closer than you think with Thanksgiving week and end of classes right after that.

Please take a moment to look at the calendar.

For midyear presentations:

· Schedule your midyear presentation with your sponsor and advisor.

· Schedule a midyear presentation practice time slot that your advisor (and likely SMEEs) is available for and that is at least 1 week before your actual presentation

· Read the documentation about presentations

For midyear reports, you should be talking to your advisor about your specific plan.



* For example, MA is voting on people’s basic rights today!

Here are the slides from the teaming workshop.

October 30, 2018

Hi all,

Don’t forget that the Teaming Workshop is tomorrow from 1:30-3 in the Crescent Room and is required for all.

Please print and bring 1-2 copies of your team agreement (or other teaming artifacts you might be using).

Don’t forget that photos for the photo contest are due tomorrow (to the folder in Public: \\fsvs01\Public\SCOPE\SCOPE Photo Contest)

If you are curious about what is coming up, please do check the calendar regularly!



October 22, 2018

Hello SCOPE students,

I hope the beginning of this week finds you well.

I’d like to announce an exciting opportunity…..

*************************** THE MONTHLY SCOPE PHOTO CONTEST: PHOTOS OF YOUR TEAM AT WORK!***************************

We are continuing to get the word out about your SCOPE projects and part of this involves getting great photos of you at work!

We need 2-4 good photos of your SCOPE team by the 4th Wednesday of each month.

To motivate your picture-taking and creative skills, the SCOPE leadership team will select winning team photos every month and provide a ***SWEET REWARD*** -SWEET enough to share with your team.

So starting on October 31st, please submit a few photos that capture your team’s recent activities.

If we want to use any photos for press releases or the Olin website, we’ll get back in touch with you to get approval from your sponsor.


  • Photos of you doing things in the field (e.g. riding bikes) or vising sponsors (even if it’s a photo of you outside a building in front of a sign) are great! Even a good ideation shot is good.
  • Capture images of multiple teammates at work (NOT smiling at the camera!).
  • Send us site visit photos.
  • Please put the photos in this folder on SCOPE public.
  • It’s best to have light sources (table lights or windows) behind you – not behind your subjects Take a look at this website for tips


Alisha and the SCOPE team

October 15, 2018

Hi all,

The only big announcement for this week is to fill out your Peer- and Self-Assessment before 5PM on Wednesday.

Also, talk to your advisor about scheduling a brief 1-on-1 meeting the following week.



* And I leave you with this.

October 9, 2018

Hello delightful SCOPE students,

It’s that time – my weekly* email.

The biggest announcement is that peer- and self-assessments are due next Wednesday at 5:00 PM. Please put this on your task list and please provide us with thoughtful, honest feedback.

Also, by now you should have come up with a concrete plan about sub-reports with your advisor.

Let me know if you have any questions.



* I really do try to keep it to 1 per week.

** Now that the semester is underway and I’m getting slap happy, you can expect the occasional link to songs that I’m thinking of that have some thematic link in my head. Like this one and this one.

October 2, 2018

Hi teams,

A few things:

· As I noted yesterday, Storytime is tomorrow (bring some slides!)

· Also, Sub-reports are due next week!

o Talk to your advisors about what should go in it

o Talk to your liaisons about what documentation is useful (recall you will not give them the sub-report)

o Note that written documentation is a requirement of SCOPE, regardless of what your sponsor wants

o And that writing is a skill developed in SCOPE.

· Don’t forget to schedule technical reviews – please let us know when/where they are here

o Have SMEEs (and other folks) sign NDAs

· Get those titles and descriptions to Jessica!

· Don’t forget to store deliverables in the \\fsvs01\SCOPE folder!

· PO check-in next week 1:30-2:30



For September 26

  • UOCD in 2 weeks workshop (slides and worksheet) from 1-2 in the Crescent room
  • Please work on getting project titles and descriptions approved by your faculty advisor, approved by your sponsor, and sent to Jessica (in that order)
  • Don't forget to schedule Sprint Reviews and Technical Reviews (internally)

For September 19

  • Talk to your faculty advisor about doing a Project Planning Workshop. Guidelines are here.

September 17, 2018

Happy Monday,

The feedback I’ve heard about Kickoff has been very positive—by all accounts, it looks like we’re off to a great start! Thank you!

A few things for this week:

· If you haven’t sent along your team’s Project Title to me (the one you agreed to with your liaison at Kickoff), please send it along ASAP. We need them for the webpage.

· As your project becomes more defined and your needs become more clear, please be in touch with me about any computing/telephone/conference cam/etc. needs. We have an assortment of items that you can sign out for the year.

· Also, please let me know any office supply needs you may have.

· Please be sure to have your SMEs sign the NDAs for your studio. For those SMEs who attended Kickoff, I likely have their signed NDA for your team, but it’s worth it to check. Remember, the NDAs for ALL teams are in the \SCOPE\SCOPE_Teams_2018-19 folder. (Where your team folder is).

· If your sponsor/liaison let you know about immediate travel they’d like you to do, be sure to read the SCOPE Webpage section on Travel, fill out the necessary forms, and meet with me BEFORE you do any travelling.

Business Managers: reminder that you have Business Manager training on Wednesday from 1-1:45 in CC317. Please let me know ASAP about any conflicts you may have.

Kickoff Information (will be updated regularly):


Prepping for Kick-off Guide

Team meeting times and locations

Project Introductions (required) - 8/31/18 in the Auditorium, 3:30-5:30

Day 1 SCOPE - 9/5/18 in the Dining Hall, 9AM sharp

Day 1 - Part I slides and All slides

Day 1 Things To Do