Housing Rehabilitation Programs


  • The Acquisition-Rehab program assists qualifying low-income homeowners in the City of Buffalo secure a grant for one-half of the rehab costs (up to $25,000.)
  • This program is available to homeowners whose property:
      • is in need of major repairs and has been (or will be) purchased through the In Rem tax auction, a bank foreclosure, HUD or FHA sale, or private sale or transfer of title within a family
      • Is a property with multiple emergency conditions, and the property not located on a target street
      • Is a property with emergency conditions and letters of violation that have been referred to housing court
  • The homeowner must remain in the home for 10 years and it must be their principle place of residence for that length of time.
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Buffalo River Owner Occupied Home Improvement Program

  • Must own and occupy home in service area.
  • Applicant household must be below 80% of gross area median income.
  • Program addresses health and safety concerns.
  • Funds are available through New York State Housing Corporation.
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Buffalo River and South District Access to Home Program

  • Funds available to make accessibility modifications to a home to allow a person with disabilities to remain in the home or be able to return from an institutional setting. Rehabilitation funding is limited to $25,000 per unit. Applicants must reside in home for three years after work is done. If the home is a rental unit, the landlord must keep the unit as affordable housing for five years.
  • Owner-occupied or rentals are eligible.
  • Total household income does not exceed 80% of area median income (AMI) or-
  • A disabled veteran who has a total household income that does not exceed 120% of AMI.
  • Occupant with a permanent, medically documented disability (under 80% AMI).
  • Occupant with substantial difficulty with daily living due to aging (under 80% AMI).
  • Veterans (under 120% AMI). Must have a service-related disability
  • Funds are available through New York State Homes and Community Renewal
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Emergency Repair Program

  • Applicants for this program must meet low or very low income requirements and must have owned and occupied their home for at least one year.
  • The Emergency Assistance Program is available city-wide to homeowners of property located outside of the designated target areas.
  • Funds are available as full conditional grants, partial conditional grants, 0% interest income-conditional loan, and no interest loans, based on the household income of the applicant.
  • Must live in home for ten years after the work is done, or applicant will need to pay back funding.
  • Please note:
      • if there are multiple issues or the property or
      • has been acquired in “as is” condition as a result of private purchase or tax foreclosure or
      • the property has have been damaged by fire or vandalism
    • Then homeowners should instead apply for the Acquisition/Rehab/50-50 program.

What is Considered an Emergency?

  1. A break in the sanitary sewer line
  2. A break in water service
  3. A leaking roof system
  4. Electrical hazards at the main panel
  5. A hazardous chimney
  6. Water meter installation/repair
  7. Defective heating systems
  8. Defective hot water storage heaters

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Weatherization funds of up to $5,000 per structure are available to assist homeowners in the City of Buffalo with a furnace, hot water tank or insulation. These funds are a grant, and the applicant must live in the home for five years after work is done.

Applicants must be classified as one of the following in order to apply:

  • elderly (household income 80% or less of median income);
  • disabled (household income 80% or less of median income);
  • families with children (household income 80% or less of median income); or
  • very-low income individuals or families (household income 50% or less of median income).
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