Housing Programs

Housing and Community Development Contact Information

Alissa Schmidle

Lisa Marie Allen

  • Community Development Assistant
  • 716-856-8613 Extension 102
  • LMAllen@old1stward.org

Due to our current weather fluctuations, you may be experiencing issues with flooding or freezing pipes.

If this applies to you, please:

  • Use caution if venturing into your basement
  • Check in with your emergency contacts regularly
  • If your heat stops working, contact the Red Cross at (716) 866-7500
  • Contact 911 and your utility company if you smell gas
  • DO NOT use your stove or oven to heat your home

General Overview of Housing Programs at OFWCC for Homeowners and Home Buyers

General Information

Here is the list of documents that we ask all applicants to assemble when applying for programs at the Old First Ward Community Center. Some programs require additional documentation. Proof of financing is required as well.

  • Deed
  • Death Certificate, Separation Agreement, Divorce Decree, Marriage License for any person on deed
  • Copy of valid NYS driver’s license or valid NYS I.D. is required for all household members over 18.
  • Current tax letter for your water bill that shows that it is paid to date or on a payment plan.
  • Most recent 3 months consecutive pay statements for all working household members. If receive overtime regularly or your hours are irregular we will require up to 6 months consecutive pay statements or more depending on the situation.
  • Official statements verifying Social Security, Disability, Pension, Unemployment, Alimony, Child Support, Public Assistance, Railroad Retirement, Veterans Benefits, 401K, IRA, etc. for all household members that receive
  • Any household member that is over the age of 18 and not working will be required to provide a zero income affidavit. We will provide this to you upon your request.
  • If you have ever filed for bankruptcy we will require your discharge paperwork, as well as written affidavit explaining the bankruptcy and the date it was discharged.
  • If self-employed we will require a recent income and expense (or profit loss) statement must be supplied for the OTD
  • 6 months current bank statement for each bank account for every household member that holds an account. Bank account statements must be monthly not a cumulative report of past 6 months
  • Notice of Violation, if received from city inspector
  • Declaration Page from your homeowners insurance
  • Current bills for revolving loans (car loans, credit cards, student loans, etc.)
  • Mortgage statement. If you do not have a mortgage we will require you to provide a notarized letter explaining that you do not have a mortgage for the property.
  • W-2’s and taxes filed for everyone living in household or no file. If you did not file you will have to provide a no file statement.