Buffalo River Food Pantry

The Old First Ward Community Center is home to the Buffalo River Food Pantry coordinated through the Food Bank of Western New York.

For more information about the Buffalo River Food Pantry, please contact Kelsey Herod at (716) 856-8613 x112

For more information about the Food Pantry program, please visit The Food Bank of WNY.

Where do we serve?

Our service area is the 14204 zip code.

If you are not in the 14204 zip code and in need of emergency assistance, we can serve you on a one-time basis.

Please visit the Food Bank of WNY's website for a full search of all the food pantries in WNY and to find the one that serves your zip code.

Typical hours:

  • Monday through Thursday from 8am-11am
  • Mondays and Thursday open door hours
  • Tuesdays and Wednesdays ask Kelsey across the hall in the Resource Center for assistance.


Clients need to bring the following:

  • Proof of number of people in the household
  • Proof of residency
      • Examples:
          • Utility Bills
          • Statement from your landlord
  • Any one of the following as proof of income
      • DSS Client ID Cards
      • 1040 Forms
      • Pay Check Stubs
      • Medicaid or SNAP (Food Stamp) Card
      • Pension Retirement Cards or Statements
      • Social Security Insurance Cards
      • WIC Cards
      • Unemployment Insurance Paperwork

General Notes

  • All clients must live in our program's service area and document your address and income once a year.
  • All clients are eligible for pantry bags every other week as well as holiday food baskets.
  • If this is an emergency:
      • We can provide emergency food one time to anyone with a referral or a request for service.
      • For continuing service, you must register with your food pantry as a client.
      • Ask the food pantry volunteers to find out how to get help.
  • Are you an area resident or program participant of the Old First Ward Community Center?
      • You are eligible to choose products from the surplus shuttles twice a week. We ask that you let registered food pantry clients have first choice.
      • You are not eligible for pantry bags or holiday bags unless you register with the pantry as a client.
      • If you have questions, ask the food pantry volunteers.

Guest Bill of Rights

All emergency guests of the food pantry are:

  • entitled to receive food free of charge
  • are not required to give donations, pay, work or participate in religious services in order to receive food
  • are to be treated with dignity and respect at all times
  • are to recieve food without discrimination against the basis of age, race, family status, gender, disability, religious belief, or sexual preference
  • are to be provided with clear policies and procedures for recieving food
  • are free to refuse any food items that do not meet your dietary or religious standards
  • are to recieve food that meets local, state, and federal standards for food safety
  • are not to be turned away on your first visit because of lack of identification, referral or documentation of need. Documentation may be required to verify other members of your household and
  • are not required to provide any part of your Social Security Number to receive food.