Counseling Services


Diana DePugh, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Addiction Counselor, is available at Oasis Institute to provide professional counseling service to individuals, couples and families seeking answers to life’s challenges.

Diana is a founding Board Member of OASIS Institute and currently serves as Vice President. She earned her Master’s Degree in Social Work at Columbia University and has more than 30 years of experience in human services. She has worked for many different human service organizations and has designed and created programs on a national, regional and community level. Today, her mission is to help people on a much more personal level. She seeks to “help people find their own best answers,” using their personal spiritual beliefs and inner guidance, life experiences, relationships, and hoped for the future to create a life that is more peaceful, fulfilling and joyful!

Diana is well-versed in Attitudinal Healing, a peer group support process developed by Gerald Jampolsky M.D.; 12-Step Recovery programs; Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (for relief from trauma); and use of prayer, meditation and guided imagery. She has been a life-long student of Carl Rogers’ Person Centered Therapy, Victor Frankl’s Logo Therapy, Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer, to name just a few.

Although Diana is a member of the Board of Directors of OASIS Institute, her private counseling practice is a separate legal entity from OASIS. She rents space from OASIS Institute, supporting the work we do in our attitudinal healing groups and other activities.

Diana charges for her services as do other counseling professionals. She is able to accept most insurance plans. If you are interested in seeking services from Diana, you can contact your insurance company’s behavioral health provider (usually listed on the back of your insurance card) to verify that she is on the provider list. At the same time, you can inquire if pre-certification is required and if there is a deductible or co-payment for mental health services.

Diana also works as an Employee Assistance Program Counselor for many Knoxville/Oak Ridge employers. If you have EAP services through your employer, this is a great opportunity to get help on a specific work-place or family concern.

If you do not have insurance benefits, Diana will work with you on a fee basis.

Diana may be contacted directly at 865-748-4476. Please don’t hesitate to leave a confidential voice mail message, and she will return your call as soon as possible.

The Answer

Many problems seem impossible

because we concentrate on the problem

rather than the answer.

Love is the only answer,

and when we focus only on Love,

all of our problems will disappear.

Gerald G. Jampolsky, MD

from his book, Out of Darkness Into the Light