OASIS Institute offers facilitated peer support groups that use the Attitudinal Healing model. Each group meets weekly for two hours. These are closed groups and the number of members is limited. One may become a member by contacting the Executive Director. No fee is charged.


Sunday - 11:00 AM Format is a combination of lecture and spiritual service - open group. References come from Course publications, attitudinal healing publications and a diverse selection of inspirational writings. Discussion is led by Stephen Anthony and Bob Childers. Love offering.

This meeting will be recorded by a web cam and broadcast live to a You Tube web site

The videos will be saved for future viewing.

Wednesday - 7:15 PM - Open study and discussion group. Love offering.

Second Thursdays - 6:30 PM - Just Be Cause is a newly formed group created to guide and help others through the sharing of metaphysical and spiritual knowledge and concepts.

Your well being and growth is the CAUSE.

We trust you will receive what "you" need from our gifted & knowledgeable presenters.

Our gatherings will be held on the 2nd Thursday of the month, at OASIS Institute. Hope you will join us on this ever growing journey. A Love Donation is greatly appreciated.

For more information, please contact Linda Purifoy 865-579-6522 or Rose Koziara 440-463-1591.

The Group meets on 3rd Fridays, at OASIS Institute, 4918 Homberg Drive, Knoxville, (865) 588-7707.

Mission Statement:

We are a diverse group of spiritual women encouraging inspirational support and empowerment for all women who are on a conscious spiritual path. We believe that this is a time in history when the wisdom of women is needed for the healing the world.

Vision: To provide opportunities for awakening and claiming the sacred feminine.

We are pleased to let you know that David Arms will be holding meetings, and offering healing sessions at OASIS Institute on the third Thursday of each month!

The meetings will begin at 7:00 PM at OASIS Institute. Topics will vary but will relate to empowerment through spirituality, David’s healing techniques and his teachings of his methodology. You are welcome to offer topic suggestions.

Sessions with David will be available by appointment both before and after the meetings. Please send a text to David letting him know what time you would like to meet with him.

Life Is A Game and we need to play. We’ll incorporate subjects of numerology, symbology, obstacle syndrome, celebration and others. You’ll start to see and learn the message behind life’s annoyances, i.e., people cutting you off on the road, your boss or coworkers saying things that upset you, things going wrong with your car or place of residence, etc. Once you understand the message of these annoyances, they usually lose their impact and you go forward.

If you want to gain understanding of the day to day life annoyances, and start shifting consciousness to a more uplifting energy, you’ll benefit from these meetings. If you are wanting more fun and connection of the personal message behind the everyday nuisances and start to receive the answers to your questions, you’ll benefit.

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