We gratefully acknowledge the kind and generous assistance The Center for Attitudinal Healing, has provided our Center during our existence.  The training and information we received from their staff was instrumental in developing our capability to extend the helpfulness of the Attitudinal Healing.

Jerry Jampolsky, MD, and Diane Cirincione, Ph.D., have written extensively on the philosophy and practice of Attitudinal Healing.  The Center for Attitudinal Healing was originally established by Dr. Jampolsky and a group of three friends in 1975 as a safe place where children with life threatening illnesses could talk about their feelings.

The organization Attitudinal Healing International is carrying on the work of this philosophy, and their web site has information about the history of Attitudinal Healing and the locations of other organizations throughout the world which offer the Attitudinal Healing approach.

Another source for books written by Jerry and Diane, and for other authors who are in harmony with the Attitudinal Healing philosophy and practice, is Miracle Distribution Center, Anaheim, California.  They also maintain a database of A Course In Miracles® study groups.

Here are links to the web sites of organizations that we believe are providing helpful services and information:

Attitudinal Healing International:

Institute for the Advancement of Service:

Institute of Noetic Sciences:

The Circle of Atonement:

Foundation for the Awakening Mind: