Parks & gardens

… help for restoration

We can give up to £500 to help in the restoration of Northamptonshire Parks and Gardens

The grant

The grant will generally be for hard landscape features, tree planting, tree clearance or tree surgery.

The maximum single grant will be £500 and not more than 50% of the total cost of a project costing less than £1,000 will be given. A grant will be conditional on the garden having a degree of public access where suitable.

How to apply

Please submit your application using the form below by the first day of March or September. We consider any applications in March and September of each year.

A member of the Northamptonshire Gardens Trust Committee will visit the garden before any grant is determined.

Payment of grant

A grant must be claimed within twelve months of the date of its approval. You must notify the NGT Secretary on completion of the project with receipted invoices. Any grant will then be paid on completion and after approval by the Trust’s representative.

We would be glad to receive a description of the completed project, possibly with photographs, that could be published in the our newsletter.

Open garden to the Trust

Within two years of the payment of the grant, the garden, where suitable should be opened to the public for at least one day for the benefit of the Northamptonshire Gardens Trust.