Working with schools

… involving the next generation

Our aim is to help all schools and parents to encourage their children to love gardens and landscapes through visits and hands-on gardening activities. We embrace the key values of the protection and conservation of the natural environment and recognise the importance of gardens to our health and well being.

Spaces, such as parks and gardens, where children can have regular contact with nature, stimulate learning and serve to provide a sense of mental and physical wellbeing.

We want children to be excited and happy to be outdoors whether they are engaged in socialising, free play or learning.

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Funding for schools

We actively support schools by helping them to improve their grounds and to set up and run gardening clubs; perhaps planning and planting a garden from scratch whether this be an edible garden, a wild flower area or a garden of peace and friendship.

Our Education Grant scheme could also cover the cost for a teacher on one of the many excellent courses organised by the Royal Horticultural Society.