The Northamptonshire Gardens Trust is a registered educational charity and encompasses education in many ways through research, events, lectures, concerns for the conservation of the designed landscape and protection of the natural environment.

We embrace the concept of Lifelong Learning with age being no barrier to enlightenment. There are opportunities for members to train and develop skills in research and recording and to share this valuable research with others, developing skills in the use of digital technology and social media.

We strive to encourage new audiences to visit Northamptonshire’s rich garden and landscape heritage, informing and engaging audiences in a variety of places and activities, to include visits, exhibitions, lectures and garden fairs.

Working with schools

We actively work with schools to inspire a love of gardens and, in a bid to nurture the future and ensure environmental sustainability, we welcome the inclusion of children involving them in related activities full of fun and discovery.

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An integral guiding principle is a wish to raise awareness of the landscape as a “key element of individual and social well being”

(Philosophy Éuropean Convention 2000)