About us

"2019 proved to be another exciting year where we strived to foster and embrace new members, develop our partnerships, build on research and our success in reaching new audiences."

Elaine Johnson, Chair of Northamptonshire Gardens Trust

Northamptonshire Gardens Trust is a member of The Gardens Trust, a national charity representing 34 County Gardens Trusts dedicated to the research and conservation of designed landscapes in England and Wales.

Our vision …

To inspire and broaden cultural experiences of landscapes, gardens and parkland.

We aim to …

  • encourage a greater awareness of our County’s gardens, parklands and designed landscapes

  • research, document and share surveys of the County’s gardens, parklands and landscapes

  • foster good relationships between interested parties in the promotion and conservation of those landscapes

  • encourage the creation of new parks and gardens

  • provide advice on the restoration and maintenance of historic gardens

  • learn about great Northamptonshire gardens and the people who shaped them

  • encourage a wider, more diverse audience to visit, learn about and enjoy the County’s landscapes.

Organisation of the Trust

President: Susie Pasley-Tyler

Chair/PR: Elaine Johnson

Vice Chair: TBC

Editor: Brenda Lofthouse

Membership Secretary: Gwen Tobin

Treasurer/Company Secretary: Bryn Smart

Secretary/Education: Jenny Burt

Conservation: Christine Addison

Events: David Banner, David Bond and Jenny Burt

Research and Recording: Elizabeth Taylor, Brenda Lofthouse, Stephen Radley

The Gardens Trust Voting representative: Adrian Smith .

We endeavour to keep good relationships with local authorities and owners and to watch out for any threats to the historic designed landscapes. Please contact us if you have any concerns.

Why not join us?

As a newcomer to the county the Gardens Trust was very welcoming and it is nice to be with like minded people. I find it very interesting and didn’t realise the depth and scope of the work carried out.” Brenda