Parks & gardens

Northamptonshire, the County of Spires and Squires, is fortunate to have a plethora of designed landscapes, historical and contemporary, some public, some private, but all a record of the wonderful heritage we can appreciate and enjoy.

Our Trust was set up to encourage greater awareness of our heritage of these wonderful sites, to value and help conserve them for the next generations.

Some of the features of these sites may have already disappeared but provide a unique record of garden and landscape history. Others have been restored, evolved in design and planting, or are new creations. Not to forget our parks for people, the public parks and memorial sites, and those for animals, the medieval deer parks.

Learn, value and enjoy our county’s wonderful landscapes.

Enjoy the beautiful parks and gardens on your doorstep

Northamptonshire has a wealth of beautiful parks and gardens to visit, ranging from those restored to Elizabethan style as at Kirby Hall, to the wonderful 20th century feature of Orpheus sitting in the 17th and 18th century landscape at Boughton House.

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Help for restoration of parks and gardens

We can give up to £500 to help in the restoration of parks and gardens in Northamptonshire.

Application is simple.

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67-69 High Street, Finedon – one of the private gardens opening for charity as part of the National Garden Scheme