Education Grant Scheme

Gardening projects are widely recognised as an asset within education.

Northamptonshire Gardens Trust recognises the benefits, in terms of knowledge, skills and physical and social development, which accrue to students of all ages through gardening projects. School staff also find that gardening can provide valuable and interesting links to the curriculum, in practical and theoretical terms; both inside and outside the classroom.

We are keen to support such activity in educational communities and our Education Grant is available to encourage garden projects of all sizes, ranging from pots to plots. We would be pleased to visit and advise on proposed developments, or to support the further development of already established projects.

Our Trust can distribute up to £100 per annum to help in the enhancement of the gardens of educational establishments in Northamptonshire. This will generally be for:

  • hard landscape features
  • tree planting
  • tree clearance
  • tree surgery.

Grants may also be used for equipment and for setting-up school gardening clubs, or for staff attendance at appropriate Royal Horticultural Society training days.

How to apply for a grant

Download the Education Grants Scheme Application Form below for full details on how to apply for a grant.


We have helped …

Tiffield Primary School

Tiffield is a small village school with about 37 children, and the Chairman of their Gardening Club was Master Charlie Wildblood who made the application for help to create a vegetable garden.

We took our cheque to the school on the day that all the children were spending outside creating the garden just before their Easter holiday. We were warmly greeted by the children and spent a stimulating time with them, reporting on the enthusiasm of the young people to grow their own vegetables and their delight in getting muddy.

Henry Chichele Primary School, Higham Ferrers

By contrast, Henry Chichele School is a new school in Higham Ferrers, c.250 pupils and set to double in number. It was built on open land so the landscape looks rather bleak at present.

We took the cheque to the school and were shown around a very vibrant exciting space. Again there was much enthusiasm to create a stimulating outside environment with raised beds for growing and selling their own produce, and gratitude for the Trust’s help.

The Kelmarsh Trust

Our grant to Kelmarsh was to support their schools visits programme for pre-school and primary school children to learn about where their food comes from, food miles, and pests and diseases. Kelmarsh also hosts RHS Training Days for teachers.