Near North Valley Sector Development Plan

Post date: Apr 14, 2011 11:48:37 PM

Work has resumed on the community planning effort for the Near North Valley Sector Development Plan (NNV SDP). Participation and input from the Near North Valley neighborhood is encouraged and welcomed in this community driven planning effort.


For more information, please contact Petra Morris at 505-924-3897 in Long Range Planning Residents and business operators in the area are invited to attend and provide input to the plan.


A draft of the Near North Valley Sector Development Plan was prepared in November 2006. However, the plan was put on hold in 2007 in order for the neighborhood to focus their attention on the North Fourth Corridor Plan. Since December 2011, planning staff and the steering committee have returned to working on this draft.

Project Boundary:

The plan area is bounded by Candelaria Rd. on the North; Railroad track on the East; I-40 on the South; Griegos lateral and Alameda Drain on the West.


The Sector Plan’s goal is to balance the various interests in the neighborhood to enhance the positive aspects of the area, and preserve its character, while revitalizing the retail sector and mitigating the impacts of industrial operations. In addition, the Plan seeks ways to address non-conforming uses within the plan area. The plan envisions the Near North Valley as a safe area for walking, biking, transit and horse riding, through a connected network of trails along ditches, sidewalks, bike lanes and streets.