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These are Alpha and Beta releases of parts of the UTF-8 support for RISC OS 3 and later

They are for testing and evaluation purposes only, and NOT FOR DISTRIBUTION

Unless you are a software author the contents of this page are unlikely to be particularly useful to you at the moment

Available for evaluation:


  • VDUTabs
  • UTF8ReadLine

Nearly finished:

  • UnicodeSupport


This module provides the UTF-8 alphabet, together with some Asian countries, ISO3316-1 country codes and Unicode tables for versions of the OS that do not have them built-in.

It also implements the *FallbackAlphabet command used to control fallback behaviour when operating in the UTF-8 alphabet.

The zip file above contains an extensive ReadMe I will not duplicate here.


0.07 (02 Jun 2018) Full range of Unicode zero-width characters suppressed.

This is an interesting text utility, somewhat like *Print, that implements Elastic Tabstops for text files containing tab characters.

It is also UTF-8 aware, and performs its tab expansion and formatting correctly when running under the UTF-8 alphabet, and also implements some special behaviour for particular Unicode characters.

NOTE HOWEVER that you will need UTF-8 support in your TaskWindow application or at the command line for the results to display correctly. If you understand UTF-8 sequences you will be able to confirm that the results are correct, I hope. Command line UTF-8 support will be released separately.

The zip file above contains a ReadMe and some example files, some of which feature UTF-8.