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ColourFiler is a RISC OS module that colours Filer windows depending on their pathname

The current version is 0.14 (06 Jan 2023) [32bit]

ColourFiler in use

ColourFiler in use – note grey boxes behind text are a WindowManager limitation and can be removed in some versions with *WimpVisualFlags -NoIconBoxesInTransWindows

ColourFiler allows the user to specify the background of Filer windows for specified pathnames. For example, one could colour Resources: cream, RamFS: white and Share: green. You can have a different colour for each drive (which works well when drive icons have different colours), or even a different colour for remote machines.

As colours are specified for a path, individual directories can be coloured. And as a fade percentage can also be specified, the background can fade back to default grey the deeper into subdirectories you go.

The module implements two star commands: *Filer_Colour and *Filer_UnColour.


With no parameters, this lists the current colourisation rules.

*Filer_Colour <path> <red> <green> <blue>

Specifies a colour for the given path using red, green and blue values between 0 and 255 in decimal.

*Filer_Colour <path> <red> <green> <blue> <percent>

This also sets a fade percentage as a decimal between 0 and 100. 100 means no subdirectories will be coloured (by this rule). 0 means all subdirectories will be affected and is equivalent to the above command.

*Filer_Colour <path> RRGGBB

Specifies the colour using a 24bit hexadecimal number using digits 0-9 and letters A-F.

*Filer_Colour <path> RRGGBB <percent>

Also sets the fade percentage as before.

*Filer_Colour <path>

Ensures the path is not coloured, either by specified rule or inherited from a parent.

*Filer_UnColour <path>

Removes the colourisation rule for the given path. It can still inherit a colour from a parent.