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IconMover is a RISC OS module that allows you to move iconbar icons by dragging

The current version is 1.06 (11 Feb 2020) [32bit]

IconMover allows you to change the location of icons on the iconbar simply by dragging. Hold down Ctrl-Shift-Alt and drag any icon to its new position on the iconbar, et voilà! Why didn’t it always work like that?


    • 0.01 (26 Sep 2002) Prototype
    • 0.02 (09 Apr 2003) Flags word fixed, rebuilt with newer Aasm
    • 1.01 (28 Aug 2012) Tries to ensure icon numbers don’t change
    • 1.02 (04 Sep 2012) Can now be installed in PreDesk
    • 1.03 (29 May 2018) Uses centre of the target icon as a threshold, handles the centre gap more carefully
    • 1.04 (19 Feb 2019) Centre of icons theshold actually works now, and avoids thrashing at right hand end of scrolled iconbars