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A module that improves the command line experience by making things like “*MODE0” or “*MEMORY8000” work as you intended.

The current version is 1.05 (06 Nov 2020) [32bit]

On the BBC Micro you could type *FX0 without any difficulty, but in RISC OS the digits are regarded as part of the command name, so it has to go to special lengths to make that command work. AutoCLIspc extends the same leniency to all star commands.

If you type something ending in digits which does not match any built-in command, library command or runnable file, AutoCLIspc inserts a space before the digits and tries again.

New for 1.05: AutoCLIspc now also splits at quotes, fixing the asymmetry between built-in commands and library commands:

*Echo"Foo" has always worked in RISC OS , but *OnDisc"Foo" would produce a bad filename – AutoCLIspc now fixes this too.