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Filer related modules.


PublicFilter 1.20 (06 May 2022) [32bit]

PublicFilter intercepts Adjust-clicks on the Filer Icons for ADFS, HostFS, ShareFS, SDFS and ResourceFS, and thereby opens a configurable directory instead of the root (or in the case of the Apps icon, the root instead of $.Apps).

System Variables

Drive names starting with a colon are ignored. Otherwise it looks for a SysVar called Public$<fs>::<drive> which should be a drive-relative path starting with $. (or the equivalent) If not defined, it will try $.Public as is commonly used for Acorn Access (ShareFS).

For example, if you use ADFS and your boot drive is called HardDisc, then this will allow Adjust-click on the drive icon to open the Boot directory:

*Set Public$ADFS::HardDisc $.!Boot.Choices.Users.Single.Boot

Also see ColourFiler

nemo’s Filer supports Directory and Object Actions, which are powerful user- and application-defined contextual operations on selected files and directories, defined by System Variables

nemo’s HostFSFiler supports per-drive icons, configurable save-to-icon directory, root-level Find, sharing via Acorn Access (indicated in the icon), and a directory structure browser