Comparing 1958b and 1958c

The 1958b (left) and 1958c (right) maps are very similar, to the point of being very difficult to differentiate. The 1958a map is fairly easy to distinguish by the existence of the Viewliner train alone. The only difference between the b and c versions of this map is the existence of Cascade Peak and other minor changes in the 1958c version.

To find the location of cascade peak, look for the Mark Twain Steamboat in the Rivers of America in Frontierland. Look directly above the Mark Twain. If Cascade Peak and the waterfall are present, then you have the 1958c (right) map. If they are absent and there is a stagecoach directly above the smoke of the Mark Twain, you have the 1958b (left) map. (See the insert.) As you can see there are other minor differences, such as the location of the American Indian in the canoe as well as animals around Cascade Peak.