1958 to 1964 Series

The First Series—Colored Borders with Disney Characters

The first large format map was released in 1958, quickly followed by two more versions with the same copyright date. The differences between the three maps are subtle. The other maps in this series are from 1961, 1962, and 1964. There are also two versions of the 1964 map.

These maps were all based on the original map created by Sam McKim, one of the original designers and artists, "imagineers", who worked on Disneyland from its inception. These maps were very detailed and included a number of future attractions, some of which were built at Disneyland and others that have appeared in other Disney parks. The Disney Company, not being one to throw things away, took the proposed "Liberty Street" and "Edison Square" and created "Liberty Square" at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.

Although one of the easiest ways to differentiate between maps is to look at the copyright date, in the case of the 1958 map, there were three different maps, all published with that copyright year. Likewise, there are two versions of the 1964 map and three versions of the 2005 map. Often buyers and sellers on eBay will not necessarily understand exactly which map is being made available on auction. The means to differentiate between them is provided on the individual pages for each map.

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First Disneyland map. Orange border and the Viewliner is in Tomorrowland.

Orange border. Similar to 1958C. Cascade Peak is missing. See the description for complete list of differences.

Orange border. Similar to 1958B. Cascade Peak is present. See the description for complete list of differences.

Pink border. The Monorail extends to the Disneyland Hotel.

Blue border. The Monorail extends to the Disneyland Hotel.

Green border which does not have stars in the border.

Green border with stars in the border.